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Your service is top of the line; efficient problem solving, clear explanations, quick response time, honest, patient, professional and organized in every way. Having you as our tech is freedom from frustration!

I appreciate being able to say that and truly mean it.

-Jean Stetson
Head Librarian




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TechGuyIT is locally owned with over 10 years experience in the technology field. TechGuyIT has professional and reliable technicians to serve all your needs for your business or your residence.

TechGuyIT offers a Business Maintenance Plan that keeps your computers and network running at peak performance. Utilizing the Business Maintenance Plan will help give you piece of mind knowing that your computers and network are running at peak efficiency.

We understand that you and your employee’s time is valuable. We will work around your schedule when performing these services. Most work can be done remotely or after hours. A typical list of tasks to be carried out during the scheduled maintenance visit includes (but not limited to the following):

· Review Server Error logs and address any issues that might cause a problem.

· Apply any critical service packs and software upgrades.

· Check capacity of hard disk drives and monitor disk usage.

· Verify that the backup procedures are working properly and conduct a test restore of a folder. This will verify that the tape drive is operating correctly.

· Check the Internet/Mail Server. Review error logs and carry out periodic cleaning of queues.

· Upgrade firmware in Firewalls and verify correct operation.

· Test speed of network and Internet connection via sample download/upload.

· Ensure that Virus Updates are being applied automatically and review virus activity logs.

· Address any miscellaneous workstation related issues that did not warrant a specific visit.

· Verify that Anti-Virus is updated and running properly

· Purge Temporary Internet Files  & Windows Temp Files

· Scan & Remove any Spyware

· Update all Windows Software

· Remedy user problems / Phone Support

A customized task list will be created to suit each individual environment to ensure that key areas are being addressed during each visit.

Remote: We also have the capability of logging into your PC remotely into your computer to resolve problems that would not actually need to be done on-site.

Typical: Our monthly maintenance package consist of coming to your office location(s) once a month and performing the items listed on the first page. We also can provide the same service remotely at a discounted maintenance price.

Cost: This price of a business maintenance plan is based on amount of servers, computers, users.

Please feel free to call us at (815)  955-5688 or e-mail at if we can answer any questions you might have.

Ken J. Muhr