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Specializing in Computer Repair, Upgrades, Clean-Up, Network Set-Up and More!  
Small Businesses Welcome!
Servicing Illinois and Indiana.

Your service is top of the line; efficient problem solving, clear explanations, quick response time, honest, patient, professional and organized in every way. Having you as our tech is freedom from frustration!

I appreciate being able to say that and truly mean it.

-Jean Stetson
Head Librarian




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Helping Small Businesses is our specialty!
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TechGuyIT has over 10 years of professional IT support in the field of computer repair, upgrades and installations. Our services range from removing virus’s, spyware, installing new hardware, upgrading systems, installing new systems, to just cleaning up your current system.

More Reason's to Choose Us for Your Computer Repair Service

Expert Online Virus Removal Service and So Much More

TechGuyIT has been repairing computers remotely for a long while now. We have repaired thousands of computers over the years and our testimonials speak for themselves. We understand how frustrating a computer repair job can be and we strive to make your computer repair with us easy and affordable. There are many choices out there when it comes to computer repair but we offer such great service and prices that it's a no brainer for most.

To be honest most computer repair issues we come across are not that hard for us to repair. The reason for this is because we probably have already resolved the exact same issue with someone else.

The best part about you using our computer repair service is we can get started right now! You don't have to wait a few days for a tech to come out or wait a week and drive all over town to have your computer repaired by a shop. If you have any questions just start with an email and we will be able to help sort your issues out. If you are ready to get started then Send an email here. Or if you would like to speak to us, give us a call, (815) 955-5688.