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Specializing in Computer Repair, Upgrades, Clean-Up, Network Set-Up and More!  
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Your service is top of the line; efficient problem solving, clear explanations, quick response time, honest, patient, professional and organized in every way. Having you as our tech is freedom from frustration!

I appreciate being able to say that and truly mean it.

-Jean Stetson
Head Librarian




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Computer Repair

Computer problems are one of the main reasons why I'm here to help.  Most computer repair shops nowadays are over priced, filled to the top with computers, and at the same time under staffed and under equipped resulting in long turn around times and lack of communication with the customer.  In this day and age most of us need our computers to function.  Without them we are lost.  On top of all that, computer shops charge $1000-$120/hr in-shop, and $90-$100/hr on-site.  That is unacceptable. My regular charge is $75/hr or check out my specials under the Services Section

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